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Uzziah in the Old Testament (2 Chronicles 26), son and successor of Amaziah, and king of Judah for 52 years (c. 791–739 BC).
Assyrian records indicate that Uzziah reigned for 42 years (c. 783–742). His reign marked the height of Judah's power. He fought successfully against other nations and exacted tribute from the Ammonites. Judah expanded westward with settlements in Philistia.
During the period of Uzziah's reign, the nation prospered, and desert areas were reclaimed by water conservation. Jerusalem's walls were reconstructed, towers were added, and engines of war were mounted at strategic points. These war engines were most likely a type of lever-system, which allowed very large boulders and perhaps large amounts of burning pitch to be dropped upon attackers scaling the walls. A large army was also maintained. The nation's prosperity under Uzziah was considered to have been a result of the king's fidelity to Yahweh. Under the leadership of Uzziah's son, Jotham, a Levantine coalition successfully repelled an Assyrian invasion near Hamath in 739.
According to the biblical record, Uzziah's strength caused him to become proud, which led to his destruction. He attempted to burn incense in the Temple, an act restricted to priests. When the priests attempted to send him from the Temple, the king became angry and was immediately stricken with leprosy. His son Jotham ruled for his father until Uzziah died. He died sometime between 740 and 739. Jotham was for the last 16 years of his reign co-ruler, and made most of the decisions during those years.

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