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The importance of rulers Empty The importance of rulers

Post  Wolololo on Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:11 am

Rulers should of course be very important in this mod, I think we all agree on that. With a great ruler your country should have the potential to grow in both wealth and land, and if followed by a bad ruler it should have a high probability of losing these gains (represented by Taylors overexpansion system). Therefore the desirability of a great leader will be much greater than normal.
For the players experience to be fun there should be actions that could influence the chance of having a great ruler. These actions will of course have severe penalties if enacted.
Assassinations and poisoning was common in the ancient world so one example could be to attempt to poison the leader or the heir of your own country. For primitive nations in periods of instability you could have the option to put your support behind a leader of a tribe or faction, this will almost certainly lead to civil war and maybe even war with surrounding coutries. Another thing you could do if you have a promising heir, is to put him against the ruler. This should lead to a potentialy devastating civil war.
All this will make dynasties come and go more often than in vanilla, which is realistic for this time frame. This would also make preserving your dynasty a fun challenge, or seeing how big an empire you can get with your original dynasty. But if you want to conquer the (known) world you might have to use sinister methods such as poison and kingmaking.

Thoughts? king


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